NGSS Chemistry & STEM Curriculum

That puts students on the edge of their seats and survival science at the tips of their fingers.


A self-guiding program that make science application and turns it into a life saving adventure!


This is not your parents chemistry class.
Your parents were never trained to save humanity
YOU… will be.

The AREA154: Apocalypse Division

1 Intrepid Team
5 Impossible Tasks
4 All Mankind

Highly Engaging

“It’s like NGSS science curriculum and the movie 2012 had a baby.” – T. Savage SJHS

Content Support

Every case file training has its own video instructions to guide students and provide context to the learning!


Do a lot in a day or do a little, students can set their own pace when moving through the curriculum.

True Gamification

Achievement points, leader boards, and class competition at its best.



10 years of real-life testing combined with the best eduneering practices in the world.


It takes a talented team to create something that engages talented kids.

“This class is the best class I ever had. This environment is very creative, the lights, the notebooks, the tech and a whole lot of things.” - Jamir D. (Sophomore)

“I wasn’t expecting my science class to be this amazing. I learned so many things that made me think about what can happen in the world.”

Natalie S. – (Sophomore)

“The best class in the world. The best class that I have had.”

Cesar Q – (Junior – ELL)

“You have opened my eyes to so many things that I would have never thought of. Chemistry was not boring at all even though I didn’t really talk much.”

Laelanie I. – (Sophomore)

“This was the greatest chemistry experience ever! Words cannot express how I feel about this class.”

Josh C. – (Sophomore)

“This is the world’s best science class.”

Ryan O. – (Sophomore – SPED)

“It didn’t take long to realize that this was going to be my favorite class. I would always come home and tell my family what we were learning. They think I’m nuts, but every one of them would sign up to be in here if they could. You [the teacher] taught
me to have an open mind set and always ask questions. That will always help me.”

John O. – (Sophomore)

“I’ve never had a class like this. I felt supported and helped. Even my parents wanted to take the class.”

Emily G. – (Sophomore)

“I thought this class [chemistry] was going to be a pointless class. After I started learning, I realized this was the only class that was going to teach me how to function in a crisis. I feel stronger knowing this.”

Ariana H. – (Sophomore)

“This class taught me how to work with others and bond as a team.”

Leslie S. – (Sophomore)

“People said chemistry was hard. The feeling of success in chemistry was great because it was easier for me to learn and I actually have know how to do some actual chemistry.”

Staciah M. -(Sophomore)

“I thought the Examulations were really cool, because they tested us under a real simulated disaster. The test was like trying to survive in real life and not just a test with paper and pencil.”

Lindsay J. – (Sophomore)

“Knowing this survival science makes me feel powerful. Like, people need me.”

Stephanie T. – (Sophomore)

“If there were an AREA154 class of any other subject, I’d totally sign up for it.”

Robert S. – (Junior)

“I had in interest in some of these conspiracies theory, but this class put the science to the stories. The survival part has more importance when the conspiracies have some validity.”

Leo R. – (Junior)

“I don’t mind hard if the subject is interesting. This class was both!”

Maria V. – (Sophomore)

“An incredible year that was full of surprises and lots of fun. I will certainly never forget this class.”

Angel L. – (Sophomore – ELL)

“I had a great experience in this class. I wish I could have this class next year!”

Michael L. – (Sophomore)

“Chemistry was way easier to learn when there was a point to learning it.”

Azul C. – (Sophomore)

“The AREA154 system helped me catch up when I had to spend time dealing with family stuff. The flexibility to work at my pace made it so I didn’t fail out of the class. Retakes and achievements helped save my grade.”

Deliliah M. – (Sophomore)

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