The Lead Project Developer and Business Manager:
Tatyana Temple

Yes, she’s the wife of the creative force behind the development of this program. The boss on the project and at home, she is responsible for:

  • Project development timelines
  • Content acquisitions
  • Management of standard alignment for NGSS and the California A-G requirements
  • Sales and customer support

A little background:

  • Born in the Soviet Union, she spent her formative years establishing a sort of academic dominance at the schools she attended. She won the “Gold medal” while living in Kazakhstan making her essentially the valedictorian of her country. Able to choose any University in Russia to attend for free (perk of being a Gold Medal winner), she choose Tomsk State on the western rim of Siberia.
  • While there she was awarded an opportunity to study at Oxford University (United Kingdom), Free University of Brussels (Belgium), and Leiden University (The Netherlands).
  • In her post graduate work she attained Master’s degree in International Relations from Central European University (Budapest, Hungary) and Master’s in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from the University of San Diego.
  • After trying to work for various nonprofit organizations and government agencies in the US, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan and South Africa, she settled down in Murrieta, CA.

The Creative Team’s Master Eduneer (Educational Engineer)
Torrence Temple (Soon to be Ed.D.)

With the degrees in chemistry and biology, he brings a wildly diverse experience set to the program. A few details about the experiences he brings to the team:

  • The concept and creative concept of the AREA154 program.
  • Construction of the science curriculum using over 23 years of experience in the classroom in grades 6-12.
  • Professor at Azusa Pacific University, Ashford University, and National University.
  • The curricular integration of the technology that delivers the learning content. Developed using the experience of 16 years as a ed-tech professor at Azusa Pacific University and the development of past learning platforms such as “Atom & Quark: Space Adventure” and “Atom & Quark: Table of Secrets”.
  • Subaru National Science Teacher Award winner for the “Boldly Going” classroom simulation focused on discovering the solar system.
  • CSI:NY Science consultant during Season 4. Active contributor for S4:E4, “Time’s Up.”
  • Worked with ABC Studios along with Tori Spelling to create science content for a pilot talk show on ABC.
  • Creator of the Eduneering Initiative – Teacher technology training program.