Frequent questions

What is it?

This curriculum encourages the students to take on the role of an Agent in training in one of America’s secret black budget special access programs. This program is designed to teach the youth of the world how to survive world-altering catastrophes. The training focuses on first analyzing the science of the impact event followed by how chemistry and other STEM skill sets can provide the skills and understanding for long-term survival.

How is the content delivered?

When you sign on to the program your site will be provided access to their own installation of an sub-domain. The content will be delivered to you and your students through this site. The students will:

  • Create their own user accounts (that track assessments and progress)
  • Enroll into various “Case Files” that each focus on a specific plausible world disaster.
  • Download interactive PDF files that deliver the content to the student through video interactions, text, graphs, images, and links to external sources. The PDF allows content to be delivered to the students whether they have internet access or not.